Give the Gift of Yoga this Christmas
Christmas Vouchers and Hampers from €25 to €160

Charity Class for Vincent du Paul 17th December 8 - 9pm
January Retreat 26th January 10am - 4pm
Weekly Class Time Table
Classes are 60mins or 90mins unless otherwise stated
All prices are for 10 weeks of yoga classes, starting the 19th of November.
  1. TUESDAYS 8:00-9:30PM (90mins)
    Beginners Yoga Course 10 weeks €160
    Over 10 Tuesday nights, discover how yoga can help you with: Stress management and sleep difficulties, back pain and posture problems, stiffness, arthritis, and other muscular-skeletal challenges. Working with breath and movement, yoga supports your respiration, circulation, immune and nervous systems.
  2. TUESDAYS 10:00-11:00AM (60mins)
    Core Yoga Class 10 weeks €120
    Would you like a strong body and peaceful mind? Carve an hour out of your day to develop your strength, flexibility and resilience. Regain your balance, physically and mentally.
  3. WEDNESDAYS 10:00-11:30AM / 8:00-9:30PM (90mins)
    Hatha Yoga Classes 10 weeks €160
    If you are looking to develop strength and flexibility while taking time out from your busy life then this is the class for you. Each week you are guided through a series of gentle, yet strong and occasionally challenging movements which support your body, mind and spirit.
  4. THURSDAYS 8:30-10:00PM (90mins)
    Core Yoga Class 10 weeks €160
    With 30minutes more of practice, improve... Muscle tone in the belly area; Posture; Core body strength to support physical performance; Intestinal health; Back Strength & Back muscle tone; Flexibility in the shoulders, back and hips? Then Core Strength Yoga is for you!
  5. WEDNESDAYS 7:00-8:00PM (60mins)
    One-to-One Yoga Class Once off €90 or set of 4 €295
    Interested in learning how yoga could support you, but concerned about an injury or other weakness? Try a one-to-one session to learn techniques you can bring with you to a general class. Maybe you are an experienced yogi taking your practice to the next level or working on a specific area. Either way, a set of one-to-one classes may be the support you are looking for.
  6. FRIDAYS 7:30-9:00PM (90mins)
    Restorative Yoga Class 10 weeks €160
    You work hard, your body works even harder. Why not take this time out to allow yourself and your body a chance to unwind, relax and renew? This workshop is predominately done on the floor, in passive poses, so no prior knowledge or experience is required.
  7. MONDAYS 7:00-8:00PM (60mins)
    Pregnancy Yoga Class 5 weeks €60
    Pregnancy yoga offers you an opportunity to step out of the busy world, and spend some time with your self and your baby. During pregnancy both you and your baby change, grow and develop in wonderful ways. Sometimes, for the mums, there can be new physical strains and challenges. During the class, learn techniques and tools for both during the pregnancy and that you can bring with you into labour. Discover how to nurture yourself, your baby and others dependent on you at this precious time in your life. And meet other ladies who are at a similar stage of life.
  8. MONDAYS 8:30-10:00PM (90mins)
    Gentle Flow Yoga Class 10 weeks €160
    Are you looking to unwind with a gentle flow, some light movement and meditation? A gentle flow is perfect for those who are looking to release tension after a fast-paced day, with opportunities for self-reflection and clearing the mind.
  9. THURSDAYS 7:00-8:00PM (60mins)
    iRest Mediation 10 weeks €120
    iRest meditation is a simple form of therapy that offers relaxation in the midst of the busy-ness of modern day living. Carve out time to pause from life's challenges, and find your inner peace, then return refreshed - ready to take on another day. (Starting October 4th, 2018)
  10. THURSDAYS 10:00-11:00AM (60mins)
    Chair Yoga Class 5 weeks €80
    Would you like to practice yoga, but are unable to due to mobility restrictions? Our Chair Yoga Classes are specially designed for those who find it difficult to get on the floor, or have special needs for movement. Get all the benefits of a regular class while remaining seated. (Starting November 8th, 2018)
For drop-in or half-block prices, contact us.


  1. C L A S S E S
    Join any one* of our 10 block classes which will be running for 10 weeks. *Special offers available for taking a Second Class, or bring a Partner or Dependent Child
    from €120 to €160
  2. W O R K S H O P S & R E T R E A T S
    Saturday Workshops €25 Deep Dive Course - 8 days - €675 5 days - €455 3 days - €274 (early bird available) Full Day Workshops €95 (early bird €90)
    from €25
  3. P R I V A T E S E S S I O N S
    One-to-One Sessions 1 hour each, includes developing a personal programme €95 Block of 4 classes for €310 Podcast of your personal programme can be created €25
For any questions, help with choosing the right track, set up a session and more!