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What do you want more of?
What else could we do?
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Taking Bookings for September 2018
€50 Deposit will secure your place

 Traveling? Works shifts? Hard to rely on a babysitter?
Book a course & You can swap a class to suit your schedule.

The Yogi Way:
Revive & Restore your Body and Mind with our Monthly Full Day Retreat

Take your Yoga to the next level
Have you been practicing yoga for a while now? Are you enjoying the benefits? Do you want more, but not sure what the next step is? 
If so this may be what you're looking for...

Discover more about the different aspects of yoga and more importantly discover more about yourself.
Find new ways to integrate yoga and self-care into your life.

Take time out each month to join other like-minded people to learn, explore and practice. 

We will be exploring the 8 limbs of yoga and how they can support us take care of ourselves, our mind, our body and our spirit. Allowing this time to nurture ourselves, and become free to be our authentic self, to allow ourselves shine. And so from this place, we become able to better serve ourselves, our family and our community.

What the previous participants have said about it:

"I fully expected to improve my physical practice (although not to the extent that I have) but the overall experience has been life-changing, which I say without exaggeration"

"Really was surprised how much I enjoyed the philosophy - I had come because of the yoga but I left with so much more. Loved the chats with the ladies."

"It gave me a lot more food for thought and some transformative moments that I had not expected. It also helped me to discover my natural strengths and weaknesses and accept them and work with them."

How? I heard you ask.

Meeting once a month for 8 months, we practice all of the different forms of yoga and support each other bring this practice home, into our daily lives. Each month we explore a different theme. The format of each day is:

2-hour yang yoga workshop
Shared lunch
Yoga Philosophy session 
2-hour yin or restorative yoga session
Meditation & pranayama 

Your investment:
€675 for the full 8 months
€275 for the first 3 months (September to November)
€455 for the second 5 months (January to May)

Early bird price:
Deposit by 25th of August, balance by 14th of September.

Payment Plan:
There is a payment plan option €50 deposit by the 25th of August, €100 by 14th of September, €150 by the 14th of October, February, and March, €90 by the 14th April)

One Saturday a Month
Dates to be Confirmed

This course is a substantial commitment to your self and your health. It is not a course for everyone, why not set up a call with one of the teachers to see if it is a fit for you this year.

What to Expect during the 8 Months

  1. Aruna Yoga Rathcoffey Back Bends
    Let Your Light Shine ... At Aruna Yoga
  2. yoga core strength aruna yoga rathcoffey
    Finding your Balance at Aruna Yoga
  3. Aruna Yoga core strength rathcoffey
    Find Your Strength And Focus ... at Aruna Yoga
  4. Aruna Yoga Back Bends Open Hart Rathcoffey
    Open your Hart and Sing
  5. aruna yoga rathcoffey strength relaxation
    Become a Warrior
  6. Aruna Yoga Restorative Yin Mindfulness Meditation Stress Rathcoffey
    Rest & Renew at Aruna Yoga
  7. Aruna Yoga Studio rural beautiful countryside rathcoffey
    Watch the Birds & Rabbits
  8. Aruna Yoga Rathcoffey strength resilience nervus system restorative meditation mindfulness yin yoga
    Rebalance & Destress at Aruna Yoga Studio
  9. yoga aruna core strenght
    Turn your World Up Sid Down ... Head Stands at aruna
  10. meditation mindfulness aruna yoga
    Take a moment ... Meditation at Aruna Yoga